Vertebrae |ˈvərtəbrə|

(top to 3rd last photo: taken on a Yashica J-Mini Super Film Camera/last 2 photos credits to John)

I can't even find an adjective worthy enough to do justice in perfectly describing how amazing this spine harness is. I mean, LOOK AT IT. How do you sufficiently convey the beauty of such an epic object in words? Exactly.

Am so glad I found out about it through Bryan who owns a piece as well. I die for bones. Literally anything bone-related gets me all excited. I don't know why, I guess it's just how I'm still (and forever will be) intrigued by the way bones are in general. The way it curves erratically to eventually form a ribcage/spine/hip bone/etc. Anyway, do check out OS Accessories! The peeps behind OS, AJ and Paul, are a very talented duo from Manila and their products are so well-made (and HANDCRAFTED at that, can it get anymore amazing?) you just can't resist owning one of their designs! WORTH EVERY DOLLAR. I swear.

I personally feel that Audi Fashion Festival is getting more exciting each year. Although I couldn't  volunteer again for this years (boo exams you suck), I did manage to attend one of the shows: ParcoNextNext! Was there to support 20:TWOTHREE. Their runway music and entrance was so dark and brooding it went perfectly with their all-black ensemble. 

It's events like these that really bring together so many fashionable Singaporeans. I've always had the impression that people here just don't see the point of putting in that EXTRA effort to look really nice. I wonder why? Just the general population. And no, blaming it on the "hot/humid air" here is no excuse cos there are TONS of ways to look super amazing even in this oppressive weather. But I guess to each their own eh?


  1. wow, that outfit looks stunning. love the style!
    in btw i think your blog is great and I started to follow you. :)
    feel free to check out mine as well, if you like!


    1. thank you dear! i will definitely check out your blog! thanks for the follow! <3



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