i am wolf girl.

What I'm wearing: Topshop Leather Jacket, Black Bustier from Bangkok, All-seeing-eye shirt from Bangkok, Pleather shorts, Levis dip-dyed jeans
Photography| Janna Kifli

Some pictures from a shoot I did with Janna a.k.a movingcat. We shot at an abandoned rooftop carpark (that place is too amazing, I shall be selfish and not reveal it to you :( but if you already know where it is, good for you!). It was so deserted, 'cept for some random office people coming up there for a smoke break. And there is this van that just seems to be parked there permanently or something. (Janna pointed it out, and a bunch of friends and I went there again couple weeks after and it was still there. It doesn't look dirty or whatever so someone must probably be using it for SOMETHING. Hm, curious.)

I managed to get a hair tattoo on my head before the shoot, and am so glad I did too! This time, I got the design from XXYYXX's album art. I've had a good number of hair tattoo designs that somehow incorporate the triangle in it (I kid you not, just count how many I have here), so when I saw Marcel Everett's album art, I knew I had to get it. Very apt indeed as I'd gotten into his music awhile back, and thought, oh what the hell might as well pay tribute to someone so young (he's only 16 can you believe it wtf) and talented. So I posted a picture showing my hair tattoo of the album art on his Facebook page. And holy wow I couldn't believe my eyes when Marcel actually reposted it (here) ! So flattered, it's an amazing feeling to know someone you look up to takes notice of your appreciation of them.

Pictures printed inside the sleeve

back and front cover of the CD sleeve

You see, Janna told me beforehand that it might take awhile for me to receive the edited photos in the CD, as she said she'll be snail-mailing it to me. I told her to take her time because, well, good things take time eh? But OH MY KITTAYKATS I did NOT expect her to do THIS much :O She actually created a legit CD sleeve to put the 2 CDs containing the high res pics of the shoot. I kid you not, the quality of the CD sleeve is like, worthy to be sold at HMV or something (the photos DO NOT do it justice. it is nowhere CLOSE to how amazing it looks like in real life which is sad because I really want you to be able to see how much work she put in it to make it look so amazing.) But yes, I was so overwhelmed with emotion I just sat in the middle of my room floor for literally 5mins gaping at the whole thing. Wow. Just, wow. She deserves a whole lot of commendation. (go go visit her website HERE)

In other news, I'm leaving for australia in a week! Just to visit some friends and I need to get away from this little island ASAP.

Annddddddd auralgasm of the week! <3


  1. Love love! Very wonderful and great of her to make such a beautiful CD! At first, I thought you had modeled for someone's album art or something! Great job to you and movingcat!

  2. Ajgffjdfb sdfhj those photos are amazing, and you look so wonderful :3. I'm so happy to have stumbled on your blog c:

    Good luck with everything ^^, L

  3. wpoooooow i love your hair and these are amazing pictures i would really apreciate it if you checked out my blog and follow!
    xx gabi

    1. cool blog dear, followed you!
      good music taste by the way ;)

  4. hey amazing girl
    you are sex! I love your blog and your look!!!
    I have to follow you!!


  5. amazing pictures!! love your style :)

  6. These pictures are intriguing and inspiring.


  7. You've really made a statement with that haircut. Love the style. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too soon.

    1. thank you for the lovely comment dear! <3

  8. That came out really nice, liking the cover and inserts.



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