Wanderlust: Manila

all photos were taken with a Yashica J-Mini film camera
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Ahh this past month has been so hectic for me! One thing after another, I got so overwhelmed I could barely breathe. But of course, I stuck it out like the tough kitty that I am, UNF! Anyway.

I recently went for a short adventure to Manila with my dear friend Bryan to visit our friends Paul and AJ of OS Accessories. Well, I won't say I already knew Paul and AJ, it just felt like I already did. Prior to meeting we've been communicating so much online, so naturally it created this illusion of us already knowing each other beforehand.

To be honest, this trip was one of the highlights of my year. I've been following OS for awhile now and have been super obsessed with their products and how they've been the answer to my slightly extreme bone obsession. So when it came time for me to actually meet the duo behind this label I couldn't contain myself (yes Bryan, if you're reading this, I may seem super calm outside, but inside I was going apeshit like a muhfucker OD-ed on steroids). It can be compared to, I don't know, meeting someone you've looked up to so much for a very long time, you see them as a source of infinite inspiration. That feeling of FINALLY seeing them in the flesh. It was SURREAL. 

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Adventures in the city!

Glimpse of the OS Headquarters

It's in human nature to create expectations, which is annoying because humans tend to form unrealistic presumptions about people/things which usually leads to disappointment because well, no one ever lives up to our personal expectations most of the time. I was worried if our meeting would be awkward (idk why. perhaps the difference in culture?). But of course, the moment Paul greeted us at the door I knew I was in for an amazing time. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent in one space.

Allow me to present you with the Manila gang:

Besides Paul and AJ, there was Karl, who is one half of the label Paradigm Shift and also co-designs shoes at Gold Dot. Mike is the other half of Paradigm Shift, and also styles for a major celebrity in Manila. Then there's Willar, the ball of joy who designs happy clothes at Salad Day (no seriously if you feel down just look at the clothes. instant happy). My brother from another mother Judd, who's so fun to swag with, is a DJ, and films beautiful videos. RCXY, the eccentric tastemaker who is the only person I've ever met wearing a matching triangle earring as me (cos triangles are like, so relevant or whatever). Also he has this cute website collecting pictures of individuals flipping off (visually invigorating if you want to let off steam). Then we have Thysz, the marketing director of Moonleaf Tea Shop, who's also a very engaging entertainer during our dinner. Eunice, the cool cat who wears a pair of the cutest wooden framed glasses. Karla, the multi-talented sweetheart who's so lovely to talk to although we only conversed briefly. The beautiful Anne, who's got Joy Div's Unknown Pleasures pulsar artwork on her arm (jeluz. i want one too :( ). David, who's got a super flawless face (IT. IS. SO. PERFECT. HNGFH) and appreciates my useless talent for being able to rap every word of 212. And not forgetting Bruce, the ambidextrous model whom I'll always remember for asking the most precious question ever ("are there trees in Singapore?").

I can't find words to accurately illustrate the experience I took away from this trip. It may be short, but the impressions everyone made evolved into an instant, invaluable friendship that knows no bounds. I wanted to live in every moment we shared in that brief period of time, forever. Haha 'scuse my emosophical (emotional+philosophical) overtones. This trip truly meant a lot to me! 

Till we meet again, my loves ♥

Featured auralgasm:

This song. Anthem of the trip. xx


  1. omg your header caught my mind, like those bones are just pure perfection, you are so lucky you get to chill with these amazing people, as you yourself is one of those amazing fashionistas in Manila, I am so in love with how you basically matched the whole outfit, the OS cap is defo the star of the outfit,

  2. i love the series, the glimpse into your life. the boy in all the all grey w the silver shoes is my favorite


  3. looks like an epic time, love the spine body chain
    great inspiration! love the pic!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  4. you guys are all so stylish!!

    X Jenny

  5. Replies
    1. thank you violet! love your blog <3

  6. The photo of you and the teacup set is amazing.


  7. holy crap! you guys are hella trendy! seriously, I don't think I've seen anyone rock bones/spikes here in california! glad to see fellow filipinos rockin out awesome outfits!

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