☧ R E S U R R E C T I O N ☧ + JUICE internship

Hello beautiful people, I've been on hiatus for so long because
my internship literally just ended and I was swamped with so many things to do before I left that I actually liked being super busy because I DIDNT WANT TO LEAVE :'( In case some of you are curious about where this internship happened, it was at this amazing local magazine publication that I've been reading for years and just when I thought I'll never be able to experience the awesomeness of being part of their team BAM! Their fashion writer called me and told me I got the internship spot I applied for :')

Also, if you have yet to read an issue of JUICE magazine fret not because since it's the digital age and all, we're super tech savvy eh? so here's an online version of the zine for your reading pleasure ;) and yes, lookout for a full page music writeup that was done by me *coughshamelessselfpromotioncough*! Read it online/download it for free HERE

**The January one is available HERE too
***As well as the February one HERE ;D

Glimpse of the music write-up I did :3

Well now, since I've experienced a wave of epic stuff during the course of my internship, I might as well compile everything into a montage since illustrating every single detail of everything that happened would be quite the impressive feat which I am not in the capacity of doing right now :'( I wish! So many good stuff happened that I would LOVE to share with you guys :O But anyway...Here's my internship in a nutshell

Random miscellaneous activities in the eyes of an intern at JUICE

Assisted in styling for Morecambe band The Heartbreaks! My first ever experience styling a band, it was super exhausting but so worth it in the end

Also, look at the cute drawings the boys did for me in my Indie Rock Colouring Book hahaha

My epic night out with The Heartbreaks! They are such lovely and polite lads, bless their souls <3

My birthday happened while I was still interning at JUICE. Most epic birthday ever! My colleagues decorated my table with lovely skull paraphernalia, and got me the kitty cap I've always wanted!

Oh and don't you just love this amazing shirt from WIA Collections? It was actually a gift from Paul but it's so big on me I wore it as a dress!

Photo by Boong

I love it so much, because well, besides having an unhealthy obsession with all things boney or wiccan, I do get the occasional lust for anything Egyptian. PLUS, I've been lusting over the shirt ever since I saw it on WIA's website, so you could only imagine my overwhelming excitement when Paul gifted it to me! I see alot more outfit pairings with this shirt, can't wait to wear it out again.

Okay I realise that my posts are a tad bit long sometimes, and I worry if it's too lengthy and boring to read? Do you enjoy my lengthy posts? Or do they bore you to death? Let me know what you think!



  1. whata great life.. cheers!!! im keeping an eye on u baby! #instafriends hahaa love u

  2. that shirt/dress looks amazing on you!! love the colors :)



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